Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Postal ID adventure.

Requirements require more requirements. And adventure time.

I decided to get my personal phone. And to completely get this, I need some documents and legal IDs. I applied for a plan. And since I am a loyal Globe subscriber, I opted for Globe. One of the requirements is the proof of identity, providing your current address. I was born in Alabat, Quezon but since I am now residing at Los Baños, I need one ID to prove that I live there. So my postal ID adventure started there.

Yesterday, I prepared my photos for the ID. 2x2, 1x1 and passport size pics, just to make sure. One mistake I made, I didn't search well on the other requirements.

After I had my breakfast at around 8am, I went straight to the municipal office to acquire my community tax certificate or cedula (yeah, in the middle of the year). By the way, the municipal office of Los Baños was relocated on a new area along the national highway from its old office inside the municipality. I was advised that the post office is still there at the old site so I immediately went to complete my itinerary. Unfortunately, I need the barangay clearance as one of the requirements for the ID. 

Postal ID Requirements: please see picture below.


So from the old municipal office, I went to the barangay hall of Batong Malake which is located near Los Baños National High School and UPLB to get my barangay clearance. Another jeepney ride. Another 8php. Plus 50php for the processing fee, my barangay clearance costed 58php.

The lady processor at the barangay office was kind enough to say that the postal ID charge now was 500+ from 300+ before. Great. I only have 400 something in my purse. So before heading back to the postal office again, I walked back to my apartment to get some cash. And a handkerchief, because the sun is screaming at my face and my sweat is excitedly coming out of my system.

After acquiring my barangay clearance (and additional cash at my place), I went back to the post office for the postal ID application. So I got my photos (with lots of extra copies) and barangay clearance, next is easy: fill-outing the ID form. The lady processor even joked that I drew the sketch of my apartment well. The last part was the payment. This one hurt, a little (ha ha). I remember when I was applying for postal ID in UPLB, it was around 300+php only. Now, the regular payment is 415php. But you can claim your ID after 3 days. Since I am a bit in a hurry, I paid for the rush ID, which costed 515php. I just waited for them to type in my details and laminate the ID. Yes, those 10 minutes of my time costed 100php instead of waiting for 3 days. So there's my postal ID, hot and new for my purse.

Spending list:
Fare = (8php x 4 rides) 32php
Barangay clearance = 50php
Postal ID charge (rush) = 515php
TOTAL = 597php
Sweat and effort = priceless

Lessons learned list:
1. Get your community tax certificate or cedula the moment the year change its old clothes. Like January 2? Since January 1 is a holiday. Why? So it won't be a problem if the cedula will be needed any time of the year.
2. Always have emergency money on your purse. Most especially if you will apply for something, whatever it is.
3. Examine your requirements thoroughly. Read and prepare well so you won't miss on any documents or photos.
4. Always have a back-up for your documents (original and photocopy).
5. Smile. Take it easy. Don't stress yourself on heavy traffic, noisy jeepney passengers, unwanted charges, etcetera.

Things I am happy about list:
1. The postal ID is valid for three years.
2. I have another valid ID.
3. I get to know the requirements and payment charges (barangay clearance, cedula, etc.)
4. I have my needed requirement now for my personal phone application.

See you soon, my dear iPhone 5. :)